The following is a list of common tenant damages found at move-out. 
  • Missing, ripped or broken screens, storms and windows.  Avoid charges by making sure all the windows are put back together when you move out.  Bring the storms or screens in for repair yourself when you damage them and save on labor charges.  We use Robertson's on S.Maple at 663-4916 and Diamond Glass on Liberty at 769-2722 or visit your local hardware.  We will probably have to do the repair in the event a whole window is cracked or broken.  Repair and replacement of these items willinclude parts and labor charges billed back to tenants.
  • Disposal clogged with broken glass, bottle caps or other debris.  Make sure you do not put anything but food scraps down your disposal.
  • Broken or missing light fixture covers.  Return light covers back to their proper fixtures.  If you have removed the cover and it is now missing or broken, you may be able to find a replacement at a hardware, Home Depot, or Lowes.
  • Abused carpets from one too many keggers.  Clean as you go.  If you spill or stain the carpet clean it up after the party or as the spills happen to avoid damaging the carpet beyond cleaning.
  • Items brought in by the tenants that are then left in the house, such as furniture, items in the refrigerator, old carpets, couches and other household items.  To avoid hauling charges remove these items when you leave.  Utilize the City of Ann Arbor FREE recycle station at the corner of Oakland and Tappan.  They will take about everything you need to get rid of and then we won't have to charge you to get it there or to dispose in it in another way.  Best of all, your used items may be something someone else can use.
  • Holes in the walls.  Small holes can be spackled and sanded by tenants.  Larger holes will need to be repaired by us at your expense.  Please remove all tape, poster gum, and nails from the walls.
  • Damage by AC units that were installed incorrectly.  Please have any AC units installed correctly to avoid damage to the house.  I can give you our maintenance guys telephone numbers and you can hire them to do this or call someone of your own choosing.
  • Lack of Cleaning.  Clean your appliances, tubs, toilets, floors, etc... on a regular basis.  Lack of cleaning may result in damages.  Additionally, lack of attention to garbage units and debris which accumulate in and around houses may attract insects and rodents.  
  • Changed locks.  Tenant's who change our supplied locks will be charged for reinstallation of the locks and replacement if the locks if they are missing.  This will be a parts and labor charge.  Currently this charge is between $50 - $100.  So, please do not change supplied locks. 
  • Lost Keys.  Please return all keys issued to you at move-in when you move out.  You will be charged $5 for each missing key.  The BHR keychains are yours to keep.
  • Broken refrigerator and freezer bars.  Do not force oversized items into door storage areas to avoid this damage.