On behalf of our company, we want to welcome you to Big House Rentals! 
1.        HOUSE CAPTAIN - MANAGER:  Please choose a person to be in charge of communicating your group’s needs to our office.  This will cut down on the same questions being asked by several people in your group.  This person will organize your move-in date and any other concerns that your group may have.   
2.       E-MAIL ADDRESS AND CELL PHONE #:  I do most of my communication through email.  If your e-mail address changes you will get left out of the loop.  Please also update me if your telephone number changes. 
3.       MOVE-IN:  You are scheduled for move-in at the start date isted on your lease, unless an alternate date is agreed upon.  We will make every attempt to get everyone in as early as needed. You may request an earlier move-in time, see below.   
4.       EARLY MOVE-IN:  An early move-in date may be available for your unit.  Early move-in requests generally mean you will need to take the unit 'as is'.  If you take your home ‘As is”, you can move into your home earlier , but you will be doing your own cleaning, unless we have time to arrange otherwise.  Prep fees in part or total may be waived for units taken 'as is'.  When carpets need to be cleaned, that charge may be deducted from the prep fee.   Every apartment and house is different.  Not all houses are offered the early move-in.  However, most of our houses will be available for an early move-in.    
During early move-in, we will still remove old furniture and large items/junk from the house.  You will not be charged for any damages done by the old tenants. You will do an inventory of the condition of the house when you move in.  We will continue to do repairs if needed, and maintenance of your house.  We make every attempt to do maintenance before our tenants move-out.  We will not be repainting the interior of the house; however, most of our houses were repainted last year.  Sometimes we can’t see all that needs to be done until the tenant moves out.  So, if you take an early move-in, there may be some outstanding maintenance to be done on your unit.  We will gladly do the maintenance after you have settled in starting with emergencies first. 
To request an early move-in:   send me an email with the following information by April 1 (for May move-ins) or August 1 (for September move-ins): 
-          The date you want to move in.
-          The approximate time you want to move in on that date.
-          The House Captain for your group, their email and telephone number. 
I will get back with you to let you know if your request can be agreed upon.  I will try to accommodate all early move-in requests. 
5.       Maintenance at Move-in:  We ask that tenants make a list of any maintenance issues and special requests once you move-in.  We will give you a maintenance request form at move-in and will make a form available on-line.  Once you have a list assembled, you can email that to our office or leave a list posted on your front door; call us and we will pick it up.  Moving in early does not mean that you do your own maintenance.  We will help you as quickly as we can.  Emergency maintenance is always available for our tenants.  I will leave an emergency maintenance telephone number to call if I am unavailable.   
6.       Other special maintenance services not provided for in your lease:  Lock out service is available for a fee by calling Arbor Maintenance at (734) 995-0322.  Arbor Maintenance can also help you with installing air-conditioner window units or any other special maintenance services not provided for in your lease.  To arrange for these services contact Arbor maintenance directly.  You will also pay them directly for these services.   
7.        Security Deposit, Prep fees, rent:  All of these items are due on or before your move in.  You will not be issued keys to your unit without these items paid for.  As a reminder, rent is due on the first of the month.  Make checks payable to BigHouseRentals.  Please write your address and apt. number in the memo section on every check.  Please do not mail cash.  Call me if you need to make a cash payment at (734) 223-9879. 
Otherwise, please mail payments to: Big House Rentals – PO Box 1192-Ann Arbor-MI  48106-1192 
8.       WHERE DO I GET MY KEYS?   I will meet you at your house to give you your keys, inventory check list and to do a walk through with your house captain.  I will confirm with you a move-in time once I know your plans.   
9.      How do I set up the utilities I am responsible for?  If you look on your lease you will see which utilities you need to set up in your name.  Tenants renting the whole house will need to set up all utilities, and electric is needed for most apts.   Call me if you need clarification.  All tenants need to set up their own telephone, cable and internet services. 
Electric/Gas—The Company that provides your gas and electric services is DTE Energy. You can   contact them at (800) 477-4747 or http://mydteenergy.com  
Tips for dealing with DTE:
1.       When you dial press "1" for "Residential Service". 2.       When the automated operator begins to speak state, "Customer Service". 3.       Tell the operator you want the gas and electric turned on at (your address), Ann Arbor, MI 48104. Starting on (give date). **Some homes do have multiple electrical meters. 4.       Make sure to get the confirmation # for the services being turned on. 5.       It is best for a resident of Michigan to call DTE. DTE gives the run around to people from other states. They will make you fax personal information and then you will be required to wait up to 48 hours for a call back.
Water—Water service is provided by the City of Ann Arbor. You can reach them at (734) 994-2666.
Cable/Internet—Most residents use COMCAST for cable & internet services. You can reach them at 1-800-Comcast. If you are leasing an entire home which is broken up into apartments, you will need to provide a copy of your lease to Comcast.  Other providers may be available, so shop around. 

What happens if we want cable in all of the rooms in the house?

You are more than welcome to have your provider hook-up cable throughout the house. We will not pay for any cable installation fees. We do not guarantee that each room in the house has a cable hook-up.

What happens if we want a home phone?  We do not maintain any home phone services.

If you do get a home phone line, we recommend that you add the LINE-BACKER® maintenance service from AT&T/SBC for your protection. WE DO NOT FIX OR PAY FOR ANY PHONE LINE PROBLEMS.

10.    WASTE MANAGEMENT AT YOUR HOUSE:  Please review the City of Ann Arbor Weekly Curbside Collection Map to find out when your trash day is.  Most campus pick-ups are on Monday or Tuesday.  Garbage carts and recycle containers need to be put out the night before and returned to their designated areas by the evening of your pick-up day.  One cart is provided per unit.  You can arrange for more carts by calling the numbers below.

TIPS:  Please keep the lid on the carts.  Pick up your trash.  We are not going to do this for you without charge.  Remember to bring carts out weekly and to arrange for this to be done if you are going to be gone.

You can find additional information regarding recycling and waste management on the city’s website at www.a2gov.org or call (734) 994-2807.  Call (734) 99-GREEN for home delivery of free recycling bins.

11.    I hope this move in information helps you with your planning.  I am looking forward to meeting you and providing your housing in Ann Arbor.  It’s going to be a great school year!   
 Let’s Go Blue!   Jane Belanger, OwnerBig House Rentals (734) 223-9879 bighouserentals@comcast.net                                                                                                                                                           (revised 3/2010)

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